Over the years I have gathered many pictures, images and other graphical content from all over the web. Probably one reason for this was the experience of having no images, nothing to look at, nothing to share, nothing to collect - a miserable experience. Therefore I commit this section of this site to exhibiting my spoils and loot from over the years of most certainly not wasted time.

Additionally, I will be using the opportunity to sort, categorise and clean up my collection of, probably for the most part nonsensical data (about 18 GB).

Each of the following categories will link to one or more subsections, each page containing a list of black-and-white thumbnails, to make loading the page easier. By clicking on a thumbnail, you will be sent to the actual image, which in turn should be optimised. If available or I know anything specific about an image, I shall add a comment below.

For a “raw” directory view of the images, go to the files section of my page.

If there were to be legal issues with some or any of the content hosted here, please contact me first, and I will most probably comply with a reasonable or valid request. Hence, unless otherwise specified, everything on this page (and on all other sections of my website) is in the public domain.