A calculator. An Interpreter. A VM. And not nearly finished
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2016-04-26 05:57Makefile bug fixedPhilip Kaludercic1+2-2
2016-04-25 22:56First cfunc implementationPhilip Kaludercic22+513-99
2016-04-25 22:33Split out printval/-node into snode.cPhilip Kaludercic1+28-8
2016-04-25 22:31Small scl fixesPhilip Kaludercic2+38-26
2016-04-25 22:30Fixed vtreePhilip Kaludercic2+12-5
2016-04-22 10:38Removed printing and scl binaryPhilip Kaludercic3+5-37
2016-04-21 22:33scl split into multiple filesPhilip Kaludercic8+142-121
2016-04-21 21:19First working scl parserPhilip Kaludercic10+502-0
2016-03-23 10:46restructured projectPhilip Kaludercic15+614-614
2016-01-24 19:49Updated and improved testsPhilip Kaludercic4+46-31
2016-01-24 19:03Implemented moduloPhilip Kaludercic5+17-0
2016-01-19 23:33Implemented round, floor and ceilPhilip Kaludercic6+65-18
2016-01-19 23:10Implemented rand and rnd operators + cleaning upPhilip Kaludercic6+88-10
2016-01-12 23:27Implemented gcd operatorPhilip Kaludercic7+53-14
2016-01-12 17:38fixed negative factorial bugPhilip Kaludercic1+3-0
2016-01-12 15:26Implemented factorial + README test sectionPhilip Kaludercic8+71-12
2016-01-12 14:51Rewrote header structurePhilip Kaludercic10+48-66
2016-01-12 14:32Split calc.c into num.c and calc.cPhilip Kaludercic5+121-108
2016-01-10 19:08implemented 'n': negative operatorPhilip Kaludercic4+7-0
2016-01-10 12:42Fixed org-mode compatibility with githubPhilip Kaludercic1+10-17
2016-01-10 11:15Updated Documentation in README and .c/.h filesPhilip Kaludercic10+196-138
2016-01-09 23:38Added README and LicencePhilip Kaludercic3+422-3
2016-01-09 22:58Added documentation to codePhilip Kaludercic4+98-2
2016-01-09 22:27Reimplemented stack and modified rpsiPhilip Kaludercic4+23-39
2016-01-09 22:25Changed numtostr into prnum.Philip Kaludercic2+5-5
2016-01-09 21:46Updated testsPhilip Kaludercic7+82-87
2016-01-09 12:27initial commitPhilip Kaludercic14+398-0