A Link List

It has often been remarked, and I tend to agree, that the web has mutated beyond anything it was ever intended to be – dynamic content, databases, javascript, excessive CSS, tracking, advertisement, etc. But oh so noble and simple was it’s ideal (which one should accept as necessarily betrayed, and that can’t be blamed on this or that individual/organisation’s failure, incompetence, ignorance or evilness): create a network of interconnected documents, irregardless of the subject. What seems mundane, is from a certain point of view miraculous.

And while we might or might not be conscious of the inner workings, the intentions and the potential the world wide web has to offer, I argue we systematically undermine all three of these. Personally, I go further than the common critic, who might claim that the concentration of users and data on certain centralised platforms is to be blamed. I, hoping not to be accused of hypocrisy, would argue that part of the issue can be blamed on a “search-engine” oriented web. After all, how often has one heard of websites and web masters having to bother with so-called “search engine optimisation” (SEO). Beyond very few fortunate websites, people rely on search engines, or rather, let’s not fool ourselves G**gle, for whatever information they want to access on the internet. Here one has to qualify my intention: I am not denying any necessity of tools to search the vast amount of content that the web is. My proposition, is just that the alternative, namely structured “portals” to other pages have lost too much of their significance. I won’t go into too much detail here, but let me just try and use the example certainly everyone must have had experience, namely trying to use a search engine to find something one couldn’t even put into words oneself. Structured collections of links try to remedy this, at the expense of not giving the possibility to enter any query one would want to.

Having have briefly introduced my intention and my motivation, I offer you, dear visitor, my “link list”.

Under construction – sorry.